Thursday, May 25, 2006

Exploit the potential of
Complex-Time Computing.

First popularized by Jackson Granholm in DATAMATION magazine, February, 1973, which also published the famous linguistic contribution of the "COME FROM" statement in December of that same year.
The invention of the SCHROMP compiler some years ago at UCRA pointed the way. This compiler worked in number system to the base i. Thus SCHROMP, twice compiled, ran in number system to the base minus one, saving computer time with each execution. How sad that the tightwad budget allotted to SCHOMP development never permitted it actually to run...

While real time is essentially linear, and may be thought of as flowing on forever from some indefinite past to some unknown future, complex time is cyclic... Thus in a computer with a complex time clock any particular cycle is indistinguishable from any other cycle. All considerations of mundane things such as device speeds become irrelevant.